Alfred Montejano is a Los Angeles-based composer, arranger, and producer. 


Born and raised in Southern California, his musical journey began as a child, writing original compositions at the age of 12. Over the years, he became serious about sound composition for film and television, and from 2007 - 2015 Alfred was a Staff Composer with The Walt Disney Company, working on a diverse selection of projects across all mediums web, television, and feature productions. Career high points while with Disney included collaborations with the famed Richard M. Sherman and Mark Mothersbaugh


Alfred has gone on to open his own private studio, affectionately called The Blue Studio, where he works closely with a variety of artists and creators.

As a collaborator and freelance producer, he is open to projects of all sorts, for film, video, and audio creators who prefer original music that is truly unique. 


Alfred Montejano Film, TV & Games Composer


An Adventure Documentary by Xochi Blymer



In 1958, Two young men realized they were settling into lives they hadn't expected to be in. When Bill Tynan decided he'd take a walk to Mexico City to figure out what could be next, Bill Bates asked to come along. With two hundred dollars, a few belongings and Tynan's camera, they headed off, on foot. 2300 miles and 12 pairs of shoes later, they found the kindness of the Mexican people, the beauty of the land and a life changing experience. Bill "Red Dog" Tynan documented their trip with his photos, photos that have held up over the last 56 years to guide this story.

Xochi Blymyer

Episodes now available!

out loud
experience stories
through  exquisite sound
an unparalleled audio experience
podcast produced & original music composed 
by Alfred Montejano

coming in 2019

Trancas International Films presents the untold story of filmmaker Moustapha Akkad's epic quest to make a film that would foster peace between the east and west.

original music by Alfred Montejano

Fall 2017

Four young women travel to their college professor's new country home for a weekend getaway, only to discover that the house has a malevolent past.

Lionsgate - Anchor Bay Entertainment

original score by Alfred Montejano


In search of his lost soulmate, an unpainted Vinylmation finds himself on a quest that alters the destiny of his entire world. Blank is an epic adventure in miniature scale, a completely original, heartwarming love story filmed entirely in practical stop motion. #blankandbow

Disney Interactive Studios

original score by Alfred Montejano




music composer • arranger • producer •engineer

Music Composer/Arranger,

Audio Producer/Engineer


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