Alfred Montejano is a Los Angeles-based composer whose music is well known in the independent world of film but has a major connection to the studio world, as he has contributed music to such films as "Wreck-It-Ralph" and "Toy Story 3". Alfred's versatility is remarkable as he shifts from the "world-class" upbeat, effervescent style of Disney films right into the darkness of utter horror and/or perplexity. 

Born and raised in Southern California, his musical journey began as a child, writing original compositions at the age of 12. Over the years, he became serious about sound composition for film and television, and from 2007 - 2015 Alfred was a Staff Composer with The Walt Disney Company, working on a diverse selection of projects across all mediums web, television, and feature productions. While with Disney Alfred collaborate with many notable artists including famed Richard M. Sherman and Mark Mothersbaugh


Alfred has gone on to open his own private studio, affectionately called The Blue Studio, where he works closely with a variety of artists and creators.

As a collaborator and freelance producer, he is open to projects of all sorts, for film, video, and audio creators who prefer original music that is truly unique. 

Alfred creates music for all media from his private space in California, The Blue Studio.